BIOBASE UA-100 自动尿液分析仪

Manufacturer: BIOBASE

Model:  UA-100

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months



- LCD monitor.

- Save data automatically.

- Date and number can be input; The colour and limpidness

- Single test and continuous test are available

- Adopt luminescence source with high brightness 

Wave length: 510-650nm

Throughput: 120 test/hr

Storage: 1000 patient data

Display: 240x64mm LCD monitor

Print: 57mm thermal printer

Interface: Standard RS232 serial interface

Calibration: Fully automatic calibration

Condition Temperature: 15-35℃, humidity:10-85%

Test Items

1.PH, Nitrite, Protein                          

2.Glucose, occult blood, bilirubin            

3.Urobilinogen, ketone                            

4.Specific gravity,Leukocytes                   

5.Ascorbic Acid

Power Supply: 110/220V±10% , 60/50Hz;100W

Package Size(W*D*H): 470×410×230mm

Gross Weight: 6.5kg



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