BIOBASE BKQ-B50V 手轮垂直脉冲真空高压灭菌器

Manufacturer: BIOBASE

Model:  BKQ-B50V

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months


- Pulse vacuum exhaust to ensure the effect of steam sterilization.

- Removable probe detects the internal temperature of liquid directly, to ensure the sterilization effect of liquid program.

- Steam water internal circulation.

- LCD screen display shows pressure, temperature, time and error codes.

- Standard built-in printer for recording the information during the entire sterilization process.

Model BKQ-B50V

Capacity: 50L

Chamber Size(mm): φ386*490

Chamber Material: 304 medical stainless steel

Max Designed Pressure: 0.25MPa

Max Designed Temp: 124℃ or 136℃

Working Pressure: 0.22MPa

Working Temp.: 121℃ or 134℃

Temp. Accuracy: ±0.16℃

Vacuum System: Eject vacuum system

Circulation Patterns: Steam water internal circulation


- Solid instruments: 12kg

- Wrapped equipment :8kg

- Porous load: 4kg

Power Consumption: 5.5KW

Power Supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz

SS Basket: 1 pc

External Size(mm): 610*700*1100

Package Size(mm): 710*800*1300

GrossWeight(kg): 150



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