Manufacturer: BIOBASE

Model:  BK-500(DIAMOND)

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Features: 90 Sample positions; 120 Reaction cuvettes (reusable); 90 Refrigerated reagent positions (R1:45 & R2:45); Auto 7-step washing system; 550 tests per hour with STAT function;One sample probe, two reagent probes, Anti-collision function; Liquid level detection function, real-time display reagent volume.

Type: Random, Discrete, fully automatic

Test Speed:550Tests/Hour

Analysis Method: End-point, Fixed-time, Rate, Two-points, Turbidimetry

Sample unit

Sample Settings: 90 sample positions, including calibration, quality control and emergency

Sample Volume: 2ul ~70ul (0.1ul stepping)

Sample Probe: Liquid level detection function

Probe Washing: Automatically wash interior and exterior

Analysis Items: Analyzing maximally 45 items at the same time

Reagent unit

Reagent Position:R1: 45, R2: 45, total 90 refrigerated reagent positions

Reagent Volume: 20~350μl (1μl stepping)

Temperature Control: 2°C~8°C cooling for 24 hours

Reagent Probe: Liquid level sensor function

Probe cleaning: Automatically wash interior and exterior

Reaction unit

Temperature: 37°C±0.1°C, real-time monitor

Cuvettes:120 reusable reaction cuvettes (optical path length 6mm)

Mixer Probe: After adding reagent and sample, mix immediately

Washing: Automatically cuvettes washing

System adjustment: System can record the blank value and get more,

accurate results by deducting blank base value of each cuvette

Light Source: 12V/30W halogen-tungsten lamp, 2000 hours lifetime

Receiver: 8 precision photo receivers

Wavelength Range:340, 405, 450, 510, 546, 578, 630, 700mm

Linear Range: 0.000~3.000Abs

STAT Function: Emergency samples can be placed in the sample tray at any time

Computer System: Windows 7/8/10, LIS system available

Data Processing: Reaction curve and data display function

Power Supply: AC110/220V±10%, 60/50Hz

Consumption: 750w

Package Size(W*D*H): 1348*928*1399mm(Machine)      678*624*548mm(Accessories)

Gross weight: 360kg



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