ASLI TAR-volume 老化试验箱/ 稳定性/ 气候/ 自动

Inner Dimensions(cm) 

Customers designated space size and design

Temperature Range

RT+10℃~80℃(80℃ ~150℃ is optional)

Analytic Accuracy /
Distribution Uniformity
of Temperature

0.1℃ /±2.5℃;

Control Accuracy of Temperature


Temperature Rising
Speed Rate

Temperature rising speed: approx. 0.1~3.0 (℃/min)

Cooling System

Refrigeration by compressor, according to customer's requirements

Protection Devices

Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch for ompressor, high and low voltage coolant protection switch,over-temperature protection switch, fuses, fault warning system


French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand


AC380V,50/60HZ ,3∮ 5 Lines

Optional Accessories

Slope for cart , Recorder

  • 质量承诺
  • 正品保修
  • 送货到家
  • 交易简单化