ASLI AS-8330C 电动按键寿命试验机

- Load of Button (g): 80~450
- Route of Button (mm): 60 (Max.)
- Work Bench Lifting Range (mm): 100
- Counter Range: 1~9999999 times
(setting or controlling independently) 
- Machine Dimension (mm): 510x 880x400
- Weight (Kg): 90
- Power: AC220V 1∮ 3 lines


Button life testing machine can do the keyboard life test of computer, cell phone, calculator and notepad. 

1 Can test many products at the same time, multipoint test each, up to 15 key tests.
2 Probe test bed can be placed anywhere in the test board
3 Easy to grip and operate, suitable for large-volume reliability testing.

Technical Parameters:

 Load of Button (g)


 Route of Button (mm)

 60 (Max.)

 Work Bench Lifting Range (mm)


 Counter Range

 1~9999999 times
(setting or controlling independently) 

 Machine  Dimension (mm)

 510x 880x400

 Weight (Kg)



 AC220V 1∮ 3 lines

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