AP&T AB1123 Electroshock-proof Ion Bar

Working voltage:

One bar length <1m or two bars length <1m: AC5600V

One bar length ≥1m or two bars length ≥1m: AC7000V

Power: 20W

Ion Emission: Power frequency AC

Emitter Electrode: SUS

Discharge structure: resistance coupling

Discharge range:

With air source: (150mm-3000mm) *300mm*100mm

Without air source: (150mm-3000mm) *300mm*600mm

Ion balance: ≤|±30V| (AVG)

Discharge speed: 

With air source: ≤1.0S(test distance 300mm)

Without air source:≤2.0S (test distance 300mm)

Compressed air connector: Φ8-G1/8 Black

Compressed air requirement: clean dry air

Working temperature: 0℃-50℃

Working humidity: <70%

Power supply:

AP-AY1506: One bar length <1m; AP-AY2506: two bars length <1m

AP-AY1504: One bar length ≥1m; AP-AY2504: two bars length ≥1m

Dimension: L*w*h (150mm-300mm)*31.2mm*46.5mm

Bar material: Flame Retardant PVC,SUS

Packing Accessories: M5-12*12*4 square mounting nuts

Power cord: 2.5 m (can be customized, max size 10m)

Certificate: CE



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