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Agency policy of Emin

I. GENERAL POLICY ON DEVELOPMENT AGENCY - Build relationships based on long-term commitment to cooperation and shared goals. - Cooperation on the basis of the interests of the two parties. - Regular information sharing and timely support.

Agent policy of EMIN


 - Building the long-term partnership based on cooperation and commitment to shared goals.

 - Cooperation on the basis of the benefits of the two sides.

 - Allaways sharing information and supporting on time.

 - Policy of the fair and reasonable supporting all distribution channels.

- Committing the maximum protection agent from changeable  and competive market.


       1. Discount of buying periodically:

 - Agents are discounted which is the difference from price companies  and price decided by the agents themselves.

 - Basing on monthly sales, agents also are participated in the discount of purchase program.

 - When agents have the target sales every month, agent will receive discounts with the fix percentage.

- This discount policy is independent in parallel with the other programs which support and promote business  for EMIN agents.

       2. Pricing policy and  pricing protection:

       Purchase Price:

 - Based on the purchase commitments and other cooperation, agents will receive dealer of pricing for the level agent.

- Pricing policy is designed to ensure competition and maximum profit for agents in the market.

   Pricing Protection:

 - If  EMIN reduced the price, you get pricing protection for items of the same type which are also in warehouse.

- The pricing protection is only applied to items with bill and warranty products from EMIN within 30 days from the date of notification of discounts.



After signing a contract, you will be taken to the incentives list of EMIN, enjoying the policies for EMIN agents.

 Purchasing Debit:

 - You establish a bank guarantee period of 1 year with the amount depending on the business needs and financial capabilities of the agents.

 - On the basis that you will receive the credit limit with a maximum loan term of 30 days.

- On the basis of the results of cooperation and payment history, you will be entitled to the better credit policies and debt.


       Support for PR - Marketing:

 - You are supporting to catalogs, flyers, banners, samples product ...with the companys programs. Information about the agent will be advertised on website  in EMIN system.

 - You are participating all promotions and boost sales of EMIN

 - You are certified as official agent of EMIN

 - You are updated information about price, products, company policies, marketing programs, and sales promotion materials.

       Technical support and solutions:

 - You have the technical support over the phone. There are direct technical support  when you require.

- You are participating the product, technology training periodically and sales knowledge by EMIN.


 1. Send a copy of business licenses and tax number

 2. EMIN products business and distribution plan (estimated cost, orientation activities, future plans, ...) or plan SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

 3. Commiting to sales on a quarterly on the basis the company gives the discount rate.

 4. Revenue of at least 50,000 USD of the first year.

 5. After the fist year, revenue is not less than 150% of the first year.

 6. Not to be broken credit (agent can not be paid on time)

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