Acepom E20 红外热像仪 (-20~350℃, 160×120)

Detector characteristics:

      Detector type: Un-cooled FPA micro-bolometer

      Array size/format: 160×120

Image characteristics

      Field of view/min focus distance: 25°×19°/0.1m

      Spatial resolution(IFOV): 2.72mrad

      Thermal sensitivity: ≤0.06℃@30℃

      Frame frequency: 50/60Hz

      Focus: Manual

      Spectral range: 8-14um

Image display:

      LCD display: 3.5" TFT LCD, 640 x 480


      Temperature ranges: -20℃- +350℃

      Accuracy: ± 2°C or ± 2% of reading, Whichever is greater

      Measurement correction: Automatic / manual

      Setup functions: Date/time, temperature unit, language

      Emissivity correction: Variable from 0.01 to 1.0

Image storage:

      Storage card: 8G SD card, max 16G

Power source: 

      Battery type: Li-Ion, rechargeable

      Battery operating time: 3 hours continuous operation

      Power saving: Auto-sleep and auto-shut down

Physical characteristics: 

      Weight: 980g

      Dimension: 105*245*230mm



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