SNDWAY SW-7500B Four In One Gas Detector

Screen:  color LCD

Application:Combustible gas, Oxygen, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulfide

Response Time: < 30s

Accuracy: <=5%FS

Alarm indication: Real-time data, LED,AudibIe vibration alarm


+Sound Alarm:85 dB /30 cm

+Visual Alarm:High light emitting diode/vibration alarm;

+LCD Display: When excess the set limit or When Low battery power

Working Temperature:<95% RH with no condensation

Working Humidity: DC 3.7V(capacity 1800mAh)

Wworking Voltage: DC 3.7V(capacity 1800mAh)

Sensor lifespan: 2 years

Operating principle:Electrochemical and catalytic combustion

Dimension: l33x67x30mm

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