SNDWAY SW-6220 Leeb Hardness Meter (170-960 HLD)

Display: 3.5" 320x480 TFT LCD

Touch Screen: Capacîtive Touch Screen

Data Export Function:Connnect cumputer with USB Cable

Memory: 800pcs (Impact times 32-1) 800pcs (Impact times 32-1)

Indication Error: ±6HL(@730-790HL) , ±10HL (@490-570HL)

Impact Device: Type D

Measuring Range: 170-960 HLD

Measurement Directions: Straight Down/Up,Horizontal,Tilted Down/Up

Applicable Materials to Hardness: Steel/Cast steel, Alloyed tool steel, Stainless steel, Gray cast iron, Nodular cast iron,Cast aluminum aIloy,Copper-zinc alloy (Brass),Copper-tin alloy (Bronze),Copper and Forged Steel

Applicable Materials to Hardness:Mild Steel, High Carbon Steel, Chrome Steel, Chrome Vanadium Steel, Chromium-Nickel Steel, Chrome-Molybdenum Steel, Cr-Ni-Mo Steel, Chromansil, Super-Strength Steel and Stainless Steel

Applicable Materials to Internsity:Low carbon steel, high carbon steel, chromium steel, chromium vanadium steel, chromium nickel steel, chromium molybdenum steel, chromium nickel molybdenum steel, chromium manganese silicon steel, higher strength steel, stainless steel


Power supply: 3.7V 3500mAh Li-ion

Charging Specifications: DC SV/2A Type-C interface

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C

Storage Temperature: -10°C - 50°C

Storage Humidity: Relative Humidity<=90%

Opertating Environment: Do not work in strong shock, intense magnetic ,strong corrosive or thick dust environment

Dimension: 150 x70x30 mm

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