SNDWAY SW-525B Wall-Mounted Sound Level Meter (30.0-130.0dB)

Measuring Range: 30.0-130.0dB

Accuracy: +1.5dB (In Standard sound: 94dB@1KHz)

Frequency range: 31.5 Hz -8.5 KHz

Frequency weighting: A

Response time: FAST

Microphone: 6mm Capacitance Microphone

Display: 3 digits display

Resolution: 0.1dB (30.0-99.9) 1dB (100-130)

Power supply: DCSV 1A Micro USB Outlet

Operating conditions: 0 ” 40°C, 10% 80%RH

Storage conditions:-10-60°C, 10% - 70%RH

LED light color: Red

Dimension: 210*130*28mm

Weight: 453g

Storage function:2 secs./time, can be stored for a year

Communication: connecting computer with USB cable

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