MKS 358 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller (6 Relays, Torr, RS232, 120V)

Units: Torr

Compatible with: Dual Convectron Gauge

Electrical Plug: North America and Japan 115 VAC

Measurement Range: Torr: 5x10^-10 to 5x10^-2 (to 1000 Torr with Convectron option)

Display: 2 digits plus exponent, green LED

Display Update Rate: Every 0.5 sec

Power Requirements: 100 to 240 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz, 50 W max

Communication Protocol: RS232

Analog Output: Micro-Ion: 1 Volt/decade, logarithmic, 0 to 10 V

Set Point Contact Rating: 5 A at 30 Vdc, 5 A at 120 Vac, 4 A at 240 Vac, resistive load

Set Point Configuration: 6 set point relays, 2 per channel

Mounting: Half Rack

Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C

Storage Temperature: -40° to 70°C

Case Materials: Aluminum extrusion

Connector: 9-pin subminiature-D male

Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)



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