Matsusada AU-1P30 High power Rack-mount type High Voltage power supply (Positive polarity, +1 kV, 30 mA, 30W)

Positive polarity

Input voltage: 100 Vac to 120 Vac ±10%  50Hz/60Hz  single phase

Output Voltage Voltage [kV]: +1 kV

Output Current [mA]: 30

Output Power [W]: 30

AC input power (MAX): 100V to 120V: 90VA; 200V to 240V: 90VA (option)

Rush current: 100V to 120V: 30 A (≤ 10 ms); 200V to 240V: 30 A (≤ 10 ms)

Safety standards: CE


- less than 0.1%p-p

- 0.3%p-p +1 Vrms (2200 W models)

- 0.1%p-p +1 Vrms (2200 W models with -L(200V3P) (option)

Stability: 0.01%/Hr

Temperature coef.: 0.01%/°C


- Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C

- Storage temperature:   20°C to +70°C

- Relative humidity: 20% to 80%, non condensing


- AC line input cable 2.5 meters × 1

- Shielded HV output cable 2.5 meters (flying lead) × 1

If you need a longer cable, please choose -L(3m), -L(5m), or -L(7m) option (See P. 9)   Or, please ask us for production.

- Instruction manual × 1

CE marking models. (Up to 300 W models.) They correspond to Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive.

If you need the latest information about the status of the acquisition, please contact the nearest sales office.



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