Leeb Uee981S Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (0-10000mm, 110dB)

Scan Range(mm): 0-10000mm

Velocity Range (m/s) 1000-15000

Gain Range(dB): 110dB

Operating Frequency: 0.2-20MHZ

Pulse Repetition Frequency: 10-1500Hz

Vertical linearity error: 2.5%

Horizontal linearity error: 0.2%

Sampling Frequency: 150Mhz

Transducer Frequency Max.: 15MHz

Dynamic Range: 38dB

Resolution: 40dB

Testing sensitivity: 65dB

Pulse amplitude: 100V-500V

Pulse Width: 0.03-0.51us

Transducer Damping: 50Ω-400Ω

Interface for Probe cable:BNC (Optional LEMO)

Working mode: (Optional LEMO) 7 modes: Straight / Angle / Dual crystal probe, Penetrating detection and etc.

Power Supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz; DC 9V Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 10+ hours life

Dimension & Weight: Dimension 240x153x38mm; Net weight 0.98kg (with Li-ion battery)

Environment: Temperature - 10-50°C, Humidity 20-95%RH

Standard delivery

Main unit 1

Probe & cable 2

PC software  1

Mobile App (Uee981O/981E only) 1

IIW V2 Block (Uee981E only) 1

Carry Strap 1

Power Adapter & Battery 1

Manual 1

Certificate & Document 1

ABS Instrument Box 1

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