FLUKE AT-6000-T Advanced Wire Tracer Kit (Transmitter)

Measurement Category: CAT III 600 V

Operating voltage: 0 to 600 V AC/DC

Operating frequency: Energized: 6.25 kHz

                                   De-Energized: 32.768 kHz

Hazardous voltage detection: > 30 V AC/DC

Signal indications: LEDs and audible beep

Response time: Line voltage monitoring: 1 sec

                           Battery voltage monitoring: 5 sec

Current output of signal (typical):

  Energized circuit:

  HI mode: 60 mA RMS

  LO mode: 30 mA RMS

  De-energized circuit:

  HI mode: 130 mA RMS

  LO mode: 40 mA RMS

  Loop mode: 160 mA RMS

Signal voltage output (nominal):

  De-energized circuit:

  LOW: 29 V RMS, 120 Vp-p

  HIGH: 33V RMS, 140 Vp-p

  With CT-400: loop model: 31 V RMS, 120 Vp-p

Range detection (open air): N/A




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