Yokogawa UPM101 小功率监视器

- Input / Output Specifications

Phase and Wiring Type: Single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire and three-phase 4-wire

Input Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz

Rated Input Voltage: 220V AC (200V AC [100V + 100V] for single-phase 3-wire), 440V AC (127V AC, 277V AC for three-phase 4-wire)

Input Voltage Range: 0 to 264V AC for 220V AC input; 0 to 520V AC for 440V AC input

Allowable Input Voltage: 1.2 times rated voltage (continuous) or 1.5 times (for 10 seconds)

Rated Input Current: 5A AC 

Allowable Input Current: 1.2 times rated current (continuous) or 2 times (for 10 seconds)

Approximate Consumed VA: Voltage input 0.4VA/phase, current input 0.01VA/phase 

Maximum output frequency: 3Hz

- Standard Performance:

Accuracy Rating:

Active power: ±2.0% FS (equivalent to JIS C1111 grade 1.0)

rms voltage for each phase: ±2.0% FS (equivalent to JIS C1111 grade 1.0)

rms current for each phase: ±2.0% FS (equivalent to JIS C1111 grade 1.0)

Apparent energy: ±2% of rdg (with rated input) 

Active energy: ±2% of rdg (with rated input) (integration not performed on minus “-” side)

Reactive energy: ±2% of rdg (with rated input) (for UPM100 with optional measuring function)

Regenerative energy: ±2% of rdg (with rated input)

Optional electric energy: ±2% of rdg (with rated input)

Frequency: ±1Hz 

Computing Accuracy: Reactive power, instantaneous power factor, apparent power 45 to 65Hz: ±1dgt (value calculated from measured value)

Integral Low-cut Power: 0.05 to 20.00% of rated power

Operating Temperature and Humidity Ranges: 0 to 50°C / 5 to 90% RH (no condensation allowed)

Effect of Power Factor: At 45 ≤ f ≤ 65Hz

Active power: ±2.0% rdg with respect to power factor 1; cosφ = ±0.5

Reactive power: ±2.0% rdg with respect to reactive factor 1; sinφ = ±0.5 

Effect of Supply Voltage Fluctuation: ±0.1% FS (instantaneous value) /85 to 264V AC 

Effect of Input Frequency: ±0.1% FS (instantaneous value) /45 to 65Hz

Effect of Ambient Temperature: ±2% FS (instantaneous value) /10°C 

Power Supply: 85 to 264V AC

Consumed Power: Maximum 5VA (without display function), Maximum 7VA (with display function)

- Communication Specifications (RS-485 Communication)

Communication Specifications: RS-485 interface

Communication Protocols: PC link (with SUM, without SUM), MODBUS (ASCII, RTU), UPM01 protocol (effective only when “Integral resolution Wh” is specified)

Transmission Distance: Approx. 1.2 km max. (Using twisted-pair cable with 24 AWG shield)

Maximum Number of Connected Units: 31 (units that can be connected to PC or other device in multi-drop connection)

Connection Type: Conforming to RS-485

Cable: A-, B+, SG: Balanced twisted-pair cable

Terminating resistor: 120 Ω (sold separately; L3035RK)

Transmission Type: Half-duplex communication

Synchronization Type: Start-stop synchronization

Baud Rate: 2400, 9600 or 19200 bps

Data Format:

Start bit: 1 bit

Data length: 7 or 8 bits

Parity: None, even or odd

Stop bit: 1 or 2 bits

Error Detection: Checksum (1 byte, simple addition), CRC-16, LRC (no protocolbased flow control)

End Character Specification: Yes (CR)

Address (Station Number) Setting: Set in range from 1 to 99 (1 to 31 recommended)




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