Insize ISP-A5000E 投影仪

Edge detector: included
magnification: 10X
view field:Ø30mm
working distance: 77.7mm
Max. workpiece height: 100mm
Magnification accuracy: ±0.08%
Image: erect image
Projector screen: diameter: Ø300mm
                          : rotation range: 0°~360°, resolution: 1" 0.01°
metal stage size : 404×228mm
glass stage size : 196×96mm
X-Y stage travel: range: 200×100mm
                         : resolution: 0.5µm
                         : accuracy: (3+L/75)µm L is the measuring length in mm
Z(focus) travel range: 90mm
max. load capacity: 50kg
Illumination: contour illumination: 24V/150W halogen lamp, brightness is adjustable
display: X-Y stage travel, screen rotation
: RS232C,USB (data output to excel and CAD)
Dimension (L×W×H): 780×780×1100mm 
Weight 160kg
data processing unit funciton:
measure coordinate of point

measure coordinate of line
measure center coordinate
radius of circle with three points
measure distance between two ob<ects
measure angle with four points or two lines
set origin of coordinate coordinate transform
set midpoint of coordinate
Programming for batch measuarements

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